"I'll be forever grateful I decided to sign up for Essential Tease. The class was more than a class for me. It was an experience. The instructors were exceedingly thoughtful and supportive and were very clear about their desire to make the class a safe space. And that made me feel comfortable about opening up and being vulnerable pretty quickly. It was a great opportunity to learn not only about burlesque history, but about other people's experiences. It was also so fun to create an act and then feel confident and supported enough to perform it on stage! The class gave me an invaluable opportunity to jump into a fulfilling art form that I love. And I'll always treasure the connections I made through Essential Tease."

Alumni Mary Muse


"Approaching burlesque performance from such a global perspective was amazing, exploring and caring for the interior and exterior of each student. I felt challenged to strengthen and broaden my performance and sense of myself as a (student) performer, but in all ways felt safe and supported.  My ultimate goal was to be present and enjoy my performance and to connect with the audience, unlike previous performances where I was so nervous I didn’t remember being on stage. With the help of the Essential Tease teachers, I was able to meet that goal and ended my student experience light years from where I started."

Alumni Beatrix Inferno