Online Series Through Zoom With Subscription Box Service

Who doesn't enjoy getting presents in the mail?

Essential Tease is excited to announce a new burlesque class series that focuses on how to “burlesque your life” from the inside out! These classes feature our signature style of instruction and are geared specifically towards our daily lives at home. We'll practice meditation, magical rituals, and movement authentic to our souls. Plus, you'll receive all of the materials you'll need for each of our lessons (including hand-made costume pieces, tools of the trade, and ritual components) mailed right to your door. This is the first-ever combined burlesque subscription box and class series!

Our all-virtual eight-week series of classes culminates in a custom final presentation that matches what you have identified as your divine goal. With us, you can create what your heart needs, whether that means practical self-love steps, artistic projects, community events, or burlesque performance pieces. Welcome to your new normal: burlesquing your life!

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In-Person Series at Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD

Are you ready to make your first venture as a burlesque performer? Or, are you a current performer who is looking to reimagine your relationship to creating acts? Essential Tease is here for you! 

Our team of experienced burlesque instructors will guide you through becoming a burlesque performer inside and out. We will progress through act creation from start to finish while incorporating mindful techniques for both on and off the stage. Essential Tease is the ideal starting point for truly transformative acts! This eight-session in-person workshop series is conducted at Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD and concludes with a ticketed live student showcase. 

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Online Expedited Series Through Zoom

*This class is available only to previous alumni of Essential Tease classes.*

Do you have an established idea for a burlesque act and just need the encouragement and accountability to see it through? Over four weeks, we will guide you through an accelerated act creation workshop that takes you from basic concept to final product. Currently, these workshops are only offered virtually.

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